Thematic Connections

In this collection there are larger and bolder pieces

albeit the thematic connections align themselves with jewelry

that despite their size still hold in themselves a gentler appearance

and physical lightness reminiscent of the smaller work

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Etchings and Adornments

This collection draws inspiration from

the nature’s materials and forms

alongside a search for new methods of construction.

The etched lines blended with polished silver

evolve into wearable objects.

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Texture in Reflection

Texture in Reflection is an ongoing exploration of silver's many surfaces.

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Bridge to the Castle


A bold collection, inspired by the materiality of silver and

the different finishes that can be obtained through time honoured practices

Surfaces are manipulated with nail

creating heavily etched lines; sulphur penetrates these lines

oxidising the metal to a blackened finish

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Through the Crystal Door

An observation of light viewed through the matrix of rock crystal

morphing into worked silver.

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Patterns of Crystalization

This collection draws inspiration from the simple yet
intricate patterns that can be found in geometry
combined with a construction process that is akin
to drawing shapes with metals.
The crystals remain the focal point while 
the reflection and refraction of light informs
the structure built around them.

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A Constructed State of Mind

Rough hewn rock crystals meets the support 
of silver in architectural play.
Cutouts reveal hidden inner workings
and stones are made weightless
bound in silver line.

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